My mission is to be of meaningful help to my people. But who are “my people?”

What is your mission?

by: Brooke Allen (

My personal mission is to be of meaningful help to my people.

Who are “my people” exactly? If I were Armenian I might consider my people to be Armenians or if I were a lesbian then they might be lesbians.

I am neither of those.

I’m a 59-year-old Caucasian male with a mostly useless master’s degree.

And my people are over-educated Westerners.

This mission came to me after Continue reading “My mission is to be of meaningful help to my people. But who are “my people?””


Lee Clogs (U Life)

Who Am I

by Lee Clogs

I am the pen name of people who publish on anonymously.  Although I am many people, hereafter when I say I, I mean we.

Here are the terms that all of us who publish as Lee Clogs on Q4Colleges impose on each other… oops, what I meant to say is:

Here are the terms I impose upon myself:

  • I (the contributor) own the rights to the work I submit before I submit it to be published under my name (Lee Clogs).
  • I (the contributor) grant non-exclusive rights in perpetuity to my (the contributor’s) work.
  • I (the contributor) understand that I (Lee Clogs) won’t bother keeping track of who contributed what to being me (Lee Clogs) so if later I (the contributor) wish to stake a claim to something I (Lee Clogs) has published then I (the contributor) knows I (the contributor) can forgetaboutit – it ain’t going to happen.
  • Since I need not be associated with any university (and must not in order to maintain anonymity) then I will publish all my works tagged with the institution: University of Life (U Life).

PS. Lee Clogs is an anagram of Colleges; but if you’re smart enough to be reading this then I’m sure you’re smart enough to have figured this out already.


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