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OUR MISSION is to collect in one place essays about higher education that are readable, give practical advice, offer wisdom, and illustrate critical thinking. 
WE SERVE current and prospective students, parents, guidance counselors, faculty, staff, alumni, society, the leadership at colleges, and anyone else who cares.


Higher education is

not only about academics.

It is about something higher than that.


It is about shaping CHARACTER

because character becomes DESTINY.


“Watch your THOUGHTS for they become WORDS. Watch your words for they become ACTIONS. Watch your actions for they become HABITS. Watch your habits, for they become your CHARACTER. And watch your character, for it becomes your DESTINY!”

 – From the film Iron Lady

We believe words count and character maters.

Do not choose your college based on

food in the cafeteria, prowess of the sports teams,

or even ranking in U. S. News.


John Wooden, legendary UCLA basketball coach, said, “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” He knew that, unless you want to play basketball, you should not go to UCLA because they have a good basketball team. Other things are more important.


Choose a college based on

the character of the people you will find there.

If the character of the people who teach and lead colleges is not important,
then what is?



Are you a guidance counselor?


Encourage your students to use Q4Colleges as a tool for thinking about the issues that they will face in college. We also hope they will see beyond the marketing  materials and U. S. News rankings and use Q4Colleges as a way of evaluating colleges based on their faculty’s character, wisdom, and willingness to engage with students and issues. We encourage high school students to ask professors at the colleges to contribute essays to Q4Colleges.


Are you thinking about sending a child to college?

After your son or daughter leaves for college, the people there will probably have more influence than you will. Isn’t that the point? By asking college faculty and administration to go on record at Q4Colleges with answers to your questions, you can engage with colleges in a way that benefits all students.


Are you choosing a college?

Colleges ask you to write essays so they can learn more about who you really are. Learn more about the people who teach at and run the colleges by reading what they have written. If you do not see an essay from people who interest you, write to them and ask them to contribute to Q4Colleges.


Are you in college now?

Are there people you admire who you’d like to understand better? Talk to them. Is there a campus issue that needs to be discussed? Discuss it with them. Suggest they submit their questions and thoughts to Q4Colleges.com.


Do you teach at college?

You are part of your students’ character formation as much as their academic training. Won’t you be a role model and discuss what is important in your life while addressing issues of vital importance to higher education?


Are you a recent grad?

Now that you are moving on, do you see issues that you wish had been addressed? Are there professors you’d like to keep in touch with? If you continue to care about your college then people there will continue to care about you. Introduce Q4Colleges to the people at your alma mater and ask them to contribute.


Are you an administrator?

Q4Colleges can help you show the human side of your institution and allow all your stakeholders to keep form an authentic impression of your institution, the people who teach there, how they think, and what they stand for. Please encourage your faculty and staff to contribute.


Do you care about your alma mater?

They might want your money but they also need your input. To do that, you need to know how the school is evolving, what kind of people are there now, and what they are up to. Ask Q4Colleges can help you on all these fronts.


Are you a journalist?

There is an interesting story here. A college senior and a 59-year-old businessman team up to change the face of higher education. Click HERE and we’ll tell you whatever you want to know.



Have you read something that belongs here?

Perhaps you’ve read an opinion piece or an essay by someone at a college that should be added to Q4Colleges. Perhaps you admire a reporter who covers higher education? Tell us HERE.


Do you want to help?

If you are in student government or on a college paper, you can help us with exposure and we can give you leverage. If you are interested in journalism, writing, public relations, education, ethics, social entrepreneurship, or changing the world, then we could use your help. Click HERE to learn more.


What could you learn if everyone was willing answer tough questions?

Education is about your future. 

Your history is merely what you have done. Your character determines how life will treat you.

That is why it is as important to build character as it is to build a G.P.A. 

If you care about education, how can you not care about character?


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