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Meet the people who are building Q4Colleges.


Brooke Allen – Co-Founder

By day, Brooke heads a quantitative trading desk he founded in 1995 for a securities firm. He has a BA in Mathematics from Rutgers University and an MBA in Finance from New York University. He is a huge fan of education: higher, lower, and otherwise.

Brooke enjoyed accompanying his sons on college tours more than his sons enjoyed his company because he’d often ask embarrassing questions like, “What sorts of students discover after they get here that this is not the place for them?” He usually got answers such as, “The kind of student who doesn’t like a beautiful campus with small classes and a dedicated faculty.” He assumed he was getting these kinds of answers because he was not asking high up enough in the organization. Hence,

You can read about Brooke at: and you may write to him at

Jason W. Rosenfeld – Co-founder

Jason W. Rosenfeld is currently the Manager of Basketball Analytics for the Charlotte Bobcats.  He graduated from Harvard in May, 2012, with a concentration in Statistics, secondary in East Asian Studies, and a foreign language citation in Mandarin Chinese. He is interested in basketball and especially in applying statistical analysis to basketball, and has done work and internships both nationally and internationally with basketball teams. He speaks Mandarin Chinese fluently.

He can be reached at and his personal website:

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If you are interested in helping build Q4Colleges then please write to us at: (There is a chance we could put together an internship, so if that interests you then please write.)

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